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    Know Your Categories 


     [ NIYE AWARDS 2017]

    1: Pageant of the year
    2: Outstanding on air personnel (radio)
    3: Photographer of the year
    4: Next Rated Fashion Designer
    5: Next Rated Act ( Music)
    6: Next Rated Act (Movie)
    7: Next Rated Act (Comedy)
    8: Advertising or Marketing Agency of the Year
    9: Next Rated Blog Of the year
    10. Soap opera of the year
    11. Entertainment writer of the year
    12. Best bank of the year
    13. Gospel act (music) of the year.
    14. Artiste of the year
    15. Video of the year
    16. Song writer of the year
    17. Telecommunication of the year
    18. Comedian of the year
    19. Young enterpreneur of the year
    20. Presenter of the year(Tv)
     21. Best pension manager of the year
    22.  Best print media of the year
    23.  Producer of the year(movie/musical video)
    24. Best sport radio of the year
    25. Record label of the year
    26. Best DJ of the year
    27. TV station of the year
    28. Radio Station Of the year
    29. Queen Of the Year
    30. Model Of the Year( Male) 
    31. Model Of the Year ( Female) 
    32. Dance group Of the Year
    33. PR Of the Year
    34. Music Video Director Of the Year.

    To Nominate and be nominated under the above categories.


    Note: The more your nominations, the more your chances of been selected under your category.

    Best Of Luck

    Omolara Ayinla
    Director Of Nomination

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