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    Reviewed: WHY THE GRAMMY IS OVER RATED IN AFRICA, See Full Details Here!

    With the just concluded 59th edition Grammy awards where Adele got five wins from five nominations in the music world’s most prestigious award , Africans just like every other year bemoan the lack of African winners or more African winners with the sparse list of winners from our mammoth continent not doing justice to show our creativity in music.
    I dare say all this unjust attention are uncalled for. It is a good thing that Wizkid boycotted the event for fellow Nigerian Runtown’s London concert. he could have done it because he knew he didn’t stand a chance but it was never the less a good feeling for most Africans including my humble self.

    If a continent of over 1.216 billion citizens find love in your act as a musician and skyrocket your music across the shores of the black continent to European shores and American domains it shows you are indeed someone to take note of. our artistes do not necessarily need the Grammy’s plaque to seal their place in history. just like we have certified the late Fela Kuti as an all time legend, so also should our modern day artistes seek to solidify their place in our folklore with credible materials and not switch their styles to suit foreign tastes.
    The trend of pushing our heritage to the background in favor of western ideas should be stopped for us to move forward as a continent which is why i condemn African footballers plying their trade in Europe that boycotted the African nations cup in favor of a place in their respective club sides.

    Nigerian music and African sounds have grown in leaps and for a long time now we have regularly churned out sounds that took the world with surprise so if a Grammy doesn’t come Nigerian music will still do great. It is Not to say the artistes should stop stepping up their game or should not be rewarded for their efforts. but for we to prioritize our greatness on a Grammy’s plaque is a big NO. besides, if it’s awards, we already have our own awards here in Africa that that our artistes are winning every other year. 

    Akpofure Shedrack is a Freelance Writer, Entertainment Critic,Poet & Novelist. Social Media Enthusiast.

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