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    JUSTIN} Popular Port Harcourt Blogger Releases A Motivational Message (MUST READ)

    Popular Port Harcourt Blogger and Writer David Karolox releases a Motivational Message, regarding the struggles in life he had to send this message across to everyone who is unhappy with his or her current state of life.

    Read below;
    I wrote this message for help on behalf on everyone finding they self, am sending this message cause i know your pain, cause everyday I wake up I feel the same, I got issues just as you got issues....life is about making mistakes, is also about trying to be great...don't let failure scare you away.
    Fellow Hustlers. It is no news that wrong association kills vision, therefore, if one really wants to be great in life one must know that creativity is a prerequisite (and keep friends that encourage and appreciate creativity). Creativity can be said to be doing old things in new ways
        Trials are gates to go through on one's way to success. Develop your mind if you want to be great and don't look at what's around you rather, look at what's inside you. If one meets a visionary with one shoe, he tells one he has a Shoe factory. When you begin to think positive, positive things will flow in.
        Successful men are/were once dreamers, and dreamers see far. No dream, No future...Prayers without a dream is playing football without a purpose. Be of excellence. Excellence is actually doing a common thing uncommonly well.

        Don't let anything limit your success... Face your fears, avoid giving excuses (use what you have start where you are). Procrastination, inferiority complex, wrong association (if you follow someone without a compass, you end up been a Failure).
       And don't forget, when you are at the top, don't talk to people low, it is not pride, help people low and don't seat with them. If you really want your success to come to an existence, put your vision to action because only action makes vision a reality. Pursue the vision.

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