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    Behind the Scenes Photos of Xriddim ‘Live My Life’ Video (Check them out) | @ghxriddim

    Xriddim Music Group’ the management team for K Dark and Dani EL as they are known in real life has released some exclusive behind the scenes photos ahead of the official video release. 

    The song released few weeks ago has received mass airplay and the feedback s and comment from the fans has been positive, putting pressure on Xriddim to follow up with the music video to the song.

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    Live My Life’ video concept is simple - 'the video simply depict what the song talks about, which is about love and heartbreak, been it letting go of someone if you don’t want again in your life.

    The story according to Xriddim is to help couples in relationships to try work out their differences whenever it comes up and if it doesn’t work out its better to let go of the person peacefully then to break the person’s heart.

    The video was shot by award winning director Enchill Abraham of Media Gang Philms. 

    Check out the Behind the scenes photos.

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