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    Australian Islamic Scholar Reveals What He Did When A Nigerian Scammer Tried To Dupe Him

    It is clear that people around the world are now fast becoming wiser and will not easily fall into the traps of scammers.

    Imam Mohammed Tawhid, a Muslim scholar who is popular has told of how he escaped being duped recently.

    Mohammad Tawhidi is an Iran-born, Australia-based public figure of Iraqi origin and has a lot of following around the world and on social media.

    According to him, a Nigerian scammer tried to dupe him but he responded intelligently to scare the scam artist away.

    Imam Tawhidi said the scammer told him to send $1000 in order to get a whopping sum of $100,000,000.

    His response to the criminal was epic as can be seen below:
    Hahahahaha this man himself na Yahoo man oh!! 

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