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    DJ Khaled Net Worth 2017-2018 and How it Was Built (Find Out Here)

    You know him as the one and only DJ Khaled, famous for his introductory voice in a variety of hip-hop hits, and the slogan ‘We the best!’ The lyrics to one of his tracks ‘got money on my mind, I can never get enough’ totally reflect his current lavish lifestyle.

    In the recent past, DJ Khaled has managed to transform himself from being a small town DJ to joining the league of multi-millionaire entertainers working with the industry’s major players. Here’s is a highlight of DJ Khaled net worth.

    DJ Khaled is an American record label executive, record producer, DJ, author, and radio personality. He was born on 26th November 1975 as Khaled bin Abdul Khaled in Louisiana, New Orleans. Khaled is famous for being a go-getter who believes in hard work as the only key to success. He began making money in the early 90’s, where he served as a DJ in reggae sound-clashes.

    Khaled has also worked with several artists before he began recording his own songs. He subsequently released his debut album in June 2006. Up to now, he has released several albums, whose earnings have been essential in contributing to DJ Khaled net worth.
    DJ Khaled Net Worth 2017-2018 and How it Was Built
    DJ Khaled net worth is about 20 million US dollars according to Forbes estimations. He has managed to accumulate the amount by working in different segments of the entertainment industry.

    The official DJ for Terror Squad, a hip-hop group, has also released a number of studio albums numerous singles reaching Platinum and Gold. The current president of Def Jam South released his first album ‘Listenn’ in 2006. Khaled has gone on to release a chain of successful studio albums such as:

    We the Best (2007)
    We Global (2008)
    Victory (2010)
    We the Best Forever (2011)
    Kiss the Ring (2012)
    Suffering from Success (2013)
    I changed a lot (2015)
    Major Key (2016)
    Grateful (2017).

    His debut earned him the 12th position on the US Billboard 200, and ‘I’m So Hood’, a single in his third album made him attain a 2008 platinum record. He also grasped two DJ of the year awards in the same year at the BET Hip Hop Awards and Ozone Awards. Khaled took the president’s position at Def Jam South in 2009, before founding We the Best Music Group where he’s also the CEO. These roles, projects and manoeuvres in the industry are what propelled Khaled to such significant financial milestones.

    Notably, Khaled’s earnings keep increasing by the day. Compared to his 2013 net worth of only $3 million, the DJ has made significant improvements.

    Below are some of the awards that DJ Khaled has won during his career:

    BET Hip-Hop Awards, Best DJ of the Year (2011, 2012, and 2016)
    BET Hip-Hop Awards, MVP of the Year (2016)
    BET Hip-Hop Awards Hustler of the Year (2016)

    Shorty Awards, Snapchatter of the Year (2016)

    All these achievements in the music industry and social media are proof of DJ Khaled net worth today.

    What's He up to Currently?
    DJ Khaled is one of the world’s most sought-after hip-hop producers, working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. He released ‘Major Key’, his ninth studio album which featured a roster of hip-hop legends. The album debuted at Billboard’s number one position. He also released ‘Greatful’, his 10th studio album last year. All these manoeuvres keep contributing to the net worth of DJ Khaled.

    DJ Khaled is currently a well-known personality on social media and boasts a huge following on Snapchat. Notably, he succeeded in monetizing his presence through a deal that he signed with Beat Electronics of Apple Inc., a deal in which he is paid to endorse and use the company’s products on Snapchat. He also authored a book, ‘The Keys’, published in November 2016. The book highlights his journey and methods of success.

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