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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Google AdSense Eligibility checker tool, Webmasters Detect your AdSense status

Too many new bloggers have suffered so much in quest for getting an approved google AdSense to the extent they even google words like adsense eligibility checker Tool, AdSense approval checker.
They are not doing this research because they want to write a related article but because they are just tired of AdSense rejection especially when google didn’t give them a solid reason for their disapproval.

The worst that will ever happen to you after applying for google AdSense, is when you got a reply that you have been rejected for missing the webmaster guidelines.
You will be left in a state of confusion because it’s very difficult to understand, especially for new bloggers.

AdSense usually send such replies when they seem to be very disappointed at you , from your design to your contents and every other aspects of your site so the AdSense official is like “let me don’t waste my time for this Young man in typing too many messages.”
In one of my previous article i wrote about Google AdSense insufficient contents problemand how to solve it.

But in today’s article am going to answer the question, to those who are still searching for google adsense eligibility checker tool.
Is there really any tool online to check adsense eligibility ? or is there any AdSense approval checker in order to know if your website will be rejected or approved by AdSense?

Read My Brief Story:
Few years back, when i never knew how AdSense works, i find it very difficult to get approval with one of my blogs even with the fact that i was writing original contents.

I applied over 30times with differ disapproval messages, to an extent i formated the blog to start afresh in order to make sure there was no copy right material.
but even with that i was still rejected just as usual.

It was just i simple mistake you will learn here.
All this trials and errors where just tutors on how to get AdSense approval even without using any adsense eligibility checker too online or offline.
To be straight forward with this article , there is no such tool online or offline to check if your google AdSense is eligible or not.

Does it now mean you cannot possibly know if your AdSense will be approved or rejected even before applying?

Yes You can
It’s very possible to know wither your website will be rejected or approved by AdSense even before applying.

You can do this by using this article below which i titled adsense eligibility checker tool.
I gave this title, because this post is more than any such tool that might be invented in the nearest future.

If you have been looking for a way to know if your website is eligible for AdSense or not, then this article is a guide and a tool for you.
After reading this article, you will be able to know if your website will be accepted by AdSense or not. In addition, you will also learn how to structure your website to be approved by google AdSense even with a new blog.

But before then let me use myself as a case study here.
I got AdSense approval for this website when it was 2weeks old with about 10-blog posts. This is because i have learnt everything it takes to get AdSense approval after the many trials and errors with some of my old blogs as stated initially.
MY AdSense eligibility checker Tool
My adsense eligibility checker tool will only teach you two things which are:

How to get AdSense approval quickly even at first application.How to Know if a blog/website will be rejected or approved by AdSense
I guess that’s everything you need to know about google getting your AdSense approved for now, as a newbie who is still struggling to get AdSense approval easily.

How to get AdSense approval Easily:
No body want to get message from AdSense that ” Your application was Rejected for reasons you may not even figure out.”
I have learnt , that this same AdSense rejection issue has made many bloggers to quite blogging.
Therefore, i won’t let you be a victim that’s why i wrote this article.

I can guarantee you that after reading this post , your next application would be success .
To get AdSense approval fast and easy follow below guides carefully.
You Don’t Need Organic Traffic to get AdSense approval:

Am sounding strange right, probably because of so many articles you have readabout AdSense approval online.
Personally i have seen on many websites where authors says, You need enough organic traffic to get approved by AdSense but i prove it wrong here.
As in the case of this blog, i was having 0% organic traffic when i got approved by AdSense, since it was just a new blog of two weeks old.

If i can get my AdSense approved without any google traffic, why must your case be different or do you think am a VIP AdSense member? maybe it’s because my younger sister is an AdSense official in charge of approving or disapproving AdSense applications.

What ever you might be thinking, just get it at the back of your mind, that your AdSense can be approved with zero organic traffic having tested and confirmed it.
Does it mean organic traffic is not important?
despite the fact that you can get AdSense approval easily even without organic traffic, you still need it to boost your AdSense earning.

Organic Visitor are more likely to earn you high CPC. So you need organic traffic to increase your AdSense wallet but not for getting approval.
You don’t Need 100+ pageviews to get AdSense approval:

You heard me right. (())?
I have came across so many questions like “How many Daily page views do i need to get AdSense approval both on forums and personally.
Some do say 100+ page views as their own recommendation. but i was so surprised to see all those reviews as fake, having gotten my AdSense approved with less than 15-daily Page views.
It happened not once, and not even twice, as i have many other blogs that has gotten AdSense approved even with less than 20 Daily PageViews.

The Number of Your daily page views doesn’t really matter when it comes to getting AdSense approval fast and easy.
So, If you are getting 20 page Views or more in a day and yet your application is still rejected by AdSense, you shouldn’t feel it’s the cause of your traffic.

100% Original Contents Is Needed:
86% of entertainment bloggers can’t get AdSense approval, this is because most of them do copy and paste work.

Some of the great news websites on the internet do get news from other sources just like you do, but what makes them different from you , is the fact that they do many editorial works before publishing.

Some newbie bloggers won’t stop asking ” how can a blog post be original when it has been presented on many other blogs”
An article can be original when you rewrite posts from other sources in your own language and understanding.. It doesn’t matter wither the idea is original or not.

For you to get AdSense approval easily, You don’t need any form of copy and paste on your blog.
You should make sure that every piece of article that exits on your blog is written by you. If you can do this , I bet you have gotten 87%. chances of getting approved already.
See the sample of a recently rejected AdSense application

So How many original Contents Do i need to get AdSense approval?
I can’t be specific about how many post you need to get AdSense approval but in all of my blogs where i have gotten AdSense approval, i usually write 10 articles and above before applying for google AdSenseand with this i get approved easily.
Therefore i will say ” Before you apply for AdSense , you should have at least 8-10 original articles but if you have more, that will even be more great.

You need Indept Contents:
You can’t just write thin blog posts with less words and expect to get AdSense approval.
For you to get AdSense approval easily, i will advice you make your first set of articles indept with not less than 1000words per blog post.

Writing indept and quality articles will not only help you get AdSense approval easily, but you will also get organic traffic to your website.
The first set of the post which you want to use in applying for google AdSense must not be less than 8 to 10 blog posts with 1000words per post.

Find some topics that have more words potentials. After using those topics to get your website approved , you can start writing about other topics with less words.

Avoid Copyright Images/Graphics:
How can you know if the image want to use for your blog post is copyright right? ( this is what i don’t really know). but am very sure that using copyright images can make AdSense reject your application.

So what’s the way forward?
Whenever i create a new blog for AdSense monetisation, i don’t usually add images to the first crew of my articles until i get approved by AdSense.
I will also advice you do likewise . After getting AdSense approval , you can then start using any image you wish for your blog posts.

You need Pages and Not posts alone:
Some pages are deemed relevant for AdSense. so before applying for AdSense, you need the presence of those particular pages on your blog else your application might be rejected.
Below are the relevant pages you need before applying for google AdSense.

About Us Page: Let’s keep AdSense approval far from this.
How do you expect your blog readers to understand what your blog is all about without the presence of theabout Us page on your blog?.
AdSense also understood this fact , so if you cannot add this page to your blog, your chances of rejection is just too big to uncover.

Contact Us Page: This page will help your blog readers get in touch with you. You need to create this page where you will add your contact details.
This implies you are not a robot. You are Also human and you cares about your blog readers.
Make sure you add the contact us page to your blog before applying for AdSense.

Privacy Policy: this page ensure the safety of the information shared on your blog, by your blog readers.

Some newbie bloggers find it very hard coming up with texts that makes up this page. You can use some free online privacy policy Generators to build the texts that makes up this page.
Example of a privacy Policy Generator is
The three pages above are most important pages recommended, when it comes to getting AdSense approval.

Some bloggers do say, Disclaimer page is also relevant . but even when i don’t add it to my blogs, i still get AdSense approval.
Therefore, i will say you can also get approved without the disclaimer page.

Some Approved Ads might be a Taboo:
If you are using some other Ads networks on your blog, AdSense recommends you remove ads such as RevContent, Taboola, etc. before applying.
Even if you will use them for monetisation, make sure you remove them when applying for google AdSense.

After getting your AdSense approved, you may serve other ads for monetisation.
If you wish to use other Ads alongside with google AdSense, read AdSense Guide here.

Site Structure is Very important:
Your Website structure is very important when applying for AdSense.
You need a good site design to get approved by AdSense easily.

Make sure your blog design is good and have a readable font both on PC and mobile. with well arranged sidebar.
There are many free themes online with good design.

Personally, i do make use of Revenue theme in all of my blogs, including this blog you’re reading from is a customized revenue free theme . and with this theme, i have been gotten all of my AdSense application easily approved.

Free or paid Domain Name?:
It’s not necessary you apply with custom domain before getting approved, but it’s very important.
If you are using Free default domain name , You can still get approved. as i have gotten many testimonies about getting approved with free blogspot domain.

I wouldn’t want you to go through another stress of getting your AdSense approved, therefore i will recommend you get yourself a custom domain name before applying for AdSense.

Blogs Language Matters Too:
If you run a native blog, or multilingual blog, then you should use pages of your blog that has the AdSense supported language in applying for AdSense.

Even after getting approved AdSense, don’t place Ads on languages that are not supported by AdSense. If you do, am very sure you will loose your AdSense account.

You can check the above screenshots for AdSense supported languages. If your blog language does not fall on any of those categories, am afraid your application might be rejected.

6 Months Old Blog? Yes or No?
This is the major reason why many Nigerians complain of getting rejected.
The countries where advertisers do not accept blogs not up to 6 months old are majorly developing countries in Asia and Africa.

If you want to apply for AdSense, From such countries, i will advice you keep your website till 6months old or more before applying.
However i have gotten AdSense approved both for myself and for my friends in some of those countries even without reaching 6months.
There’s no trick behind it. Just make sure you follow all the necessary procedures for getting AdSense approval as written on this post, after that, you can apply. You may be approved otherwise go for US or UK AdSense.
To finish the post about adsense eligibility checker Tool or Adsense Approval checker
how would you know if your website will be approved or rejected by AdSense?

If You Skip Any of the above guides as listed above, You might not be approved.
But if you can follow all steps carefully, i guarantee you 100% assurance.

I have gotten all my AdSense approved with this same guide so there’s no doubt if you will be approved or not.

CONCLUSION : You have just read the complete guide to get AdSense approval easily even at first application.
IF you already have your blog before reading this post, and it’s filled with many copyright materials, I will advice you start a fresh blog with the above guidelines to get approved Instead of going through the stress of removing all the copyright materials.
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