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    Nigerian journalist Kofi Bartels Reveals How Nigerian 'Federal Sars' Beat Him, Threatened Him with Sexual Assault (See More)!

    Nigerian authorities must investigate and hold accountable the police officers responsible for allegedly assaulting and threatening journalist Kofi Bartels, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.
    On June 5, a group of at least five police officers punched and kicked Bartels, a reporter with the privately owned Nigeria Info radio station, beat him on the knees with pieces of wood, and arrested him for filming them, according to the journalist, who spoke with CPJ on the phone and posted about the attack on Twitter.
    At the police station, an officer told Bartels that the journalist had "been giving them problems for a long time," citing Bartels' work covering the police in Rivers state, and said that they would put the journalist in a prison cell with an inmate who would rape him, Bartels told CPJ.

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